Main Video Game Industry Facts and Figures of 2018

All the main indicators of the interactive entertainment sphere over the last year: records, sales, money, market volume, and events

Numbers can deliver key information in a nutshell. In the traditional summing up period, we picked all the main facts and figures related to the gaming sphere in 2018, grouped them into several categories, and arranged in descending order.

Games and players

Main Video Game Industry Facts and Figures of 2018-1

435 billion minutes in total users spent on watching Twitch streams last year, from January 1 to December 13.

113 billion downloads mobile apps hit in 2018. It is 10% higher than 12 months ago.

1,27 billion views YouTube channel BCC Trolling got over the entire 2018, which makes him the most popular streamer of the last year.

348 million times was downloaded the most popular mobile game of the year, Helix Jump.

211 million hardcore gamers live in the USA according to market research company EEDAR, with 60% of them playing on mobile devices, 52% on PC, and 43% — on consoles. 59% of users have more than one gaming device.

200 million players signed up in Fortnite by the end of November. In January, this number was 160 million lower.

78,3 million new players joined Fortnite in August alone. For comparison, 90 million people use Steam monthly.

48 million views Fortnite Season 5 announcing trailer got. It was one of the most popular gaming videos on YouTube over the year.

47 million users signed into Steam daily. In 2017, this number did not exceed 33 million.

10 million copies of Monster Hunter: World were sold 8 months after its release. This number makes the latest entry in the Capcom monster hunter series the most successful title of the Japanese publisher. The closest competitor, Resident Evil 5, hit 7,4 million.

8,3 million concurrent Fortnite players were recorded before the game was launched in South Korea in November. This is an absolute record.

3,3 million copies of Marvel’s Spider-Man were sold worldwide over the first three days since the release, which makes Insomniac Games' latest project the fastest-selling PS4 game. Last record, God of War tayed at the top for only four months with 3,1 million copies.

2,9 million people watched E3 2018 on Twitch at the same time.

1,04 million times were Fortnite tweets shared over the last year.

69 250 news and articles were dedicated to Fortnite, which makes it the most covered game in the media in 2018.

7241 people signed a petition with a request to dismiss the head of Nintendo Russia, Yasha Haddaji, after a video showing his inappropriate conduct with employees surfaced on the web. Nintendo started its own investigation, but the results of it have not been announced yet.

119 times Kratos named his son 'boy' during the story campaign in God of War (2018).

100 hours a week Rockstar Games employees had to work to release Red Dead Redemption 2 in time. Following the surfaced facts, the heads of the studio had to justify the 'culture of fear' that was reigning in the company.

97 points out of 100 Red Dead Redemption scored on Metacritic, thus becoming the highest-ranked game of the year. On the other end of the spectrum — 29% — are Wild West Online and The Quiet Man.

96,3 % of dislikes (713,000 to 27,000 likes) received the announcement CGI-trailer for Diablo Immortal.

54,4 % of console players watch adult videos on PlayStation 4. 33% of traffic goes from Xbox One, another 7,3% — from PS Vita, while Nintendo does not provide web-surfing statistics of Switch users.

19 new titles were released by Sony in 2018 according to, 10 of which were entirely new IPs. These are the highest showings over the last year both among platform-holders — Microsoft and Nintendo — and among major publishers including Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, and Ubisoft.

10 days users had to wait for a discount on Battlefield 5. Whereas another AAA-title, Marvel's Spider-Man received a discount only 70 days after the release.

8 days were enough for Red Dead Redemption 2 to catch up with the sales of its predecessor. By the end of the year, the number of copies sold reached 17 million.

7 days took The Culling 2 developers to realize that the launch of the game was a real catastrophe and pull it from all the digital stores one Xaviant's bad July morning.

4 updates were released before No Man’s Sky received the multiplayer mode promised long before the release. With the NEXT update rolled out in July, players could finally interact with each other.

3 hours a day spends an average American on mobile apps in 2018 according to analytical company App Annie.

3 games (Hades, Ashen, and Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek) were available in Epic Games Store at the time of its launch in December 2018.

2 years of continuous pressure from gamers took Sony to reconsider its cross-platform policy.

0 days Xbox Game Pass subscribers have to wait to try out the newest Microsoft games. The service launched in the summer of 2017, and by 2018 managed to significantly expand its library and gain people's love.


525 million PlayStation consoles (PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, PS Vita) were sold over a 24-year history of the brand by August 2018

To celebrate such impressive results, Sony released a limited anniversary edition of PS4 pro

88 million PlayStation 4 consoles were sold by mid-December 2018 according to VGChartz. PS3 with 86 million was left behind, while the leader is still PS2 with over 155 million units sold. Official data of the console sales has not been published since November 2014, so we had to use third-party sources.

40 million Xbox One consoles Microsoft realized by the end of 2018. The gap between the Xbox and its main competitor, PlayStation 4, is growing rapidly, while the other, Nintendo Switch, is catching up quite fast.

22,86 million Nintendo Switch units were worldwide since its launch. The hybrid console is swept off the shelves so fast that it has partly overtaken PlayStation 4 in their native Japan.


Main Video Game Industry Facts and Figures of 2018-2

134,9 billion dollars made up the total revenue of all video game market in 2018 - 10% more than in 2017, according to

  • 67,5 billion was the total revenue from the sales of console and PC games, which is 14% more than in 2017. 51,2 billion of this sum was accounted for digital distribution, while‘just' 16,3 billion — for retail.
  • 63,2 billion was the share of mobile games, which is 12,8% more than in 2017. Smartphone titlesmade 50 billion, while the rest 13,2 billion accounts for tablets.

3 billion dollars was the profit of Fortnite developers, Epic Games, in 2018.

725 million dollars Red Dead Redemption 2 made in 72 hours after its release. The Western action gives in to just one game in the entire history of the industry, Grand Theft Auto 5, with its billion made in the same period.

691 million dollars were donated in the mobile game Monster Strike.

500 million dollars Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 developers gained in the first three days since the sales started. Despite such a seemingly impressive result, Activision investors were still dissatisfied as Black Ops 2 already showed similar figures six years ago.

209 million dollars Star Citizen developers raised for their ambitious space simulator. 34 million of this sum was collected in 2018.

140,3 million dollars in prize money was granted on numerous eSports tournaments last year.

1,2 million dollars iOS version of Fortnite made daily in 2018.

88% of revenue Epic Game Store owners share with developers. Whereas Steam offers just 70%, which made indie developers leave the store. If Genesis Alpha One, Journey, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw and Super Meat Boy Forever ever make it to Steam, it will happen with a noticeable delay.

6 game studios were acquired by Microsoft in 2018: Ninja Theory (Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice), Undead Labs (the State of Decay series), Compulsion Games (We Happy Few), Playground Games (the Forza Horizon series), Obsidian Entertainment (Fallout: New Vegas) and InXile Entertainment (Wasteland 2).

4 relatively large game studios closed down in 2018. The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency (Drawn to Death) closed in February, BossKey Productions (LawBreakers) — in May, while in September it was the turn of Capcom Vancouver (Dead Rising 4) and Telltale Games (The Wolf Among Us).

With the constant flow of life, figures which are actual today, may lose their topicality tomorrow. In the new 2019, there will be new achievements, other successes and failures in the gaming industry, which we will definitely tell you about.