Soon You'll Be Able to Play The Sims 4 In First-Person

It comes out in a free update next week together with a few other features

On November 13, the latest free update for The Sims 4 will arrive. While it will feature the usual array of bug fixes, it also adds one major addition in the form of a first-person camera. That means players will get to go up close and personal with their sims in a brand new way. To access the new camera angle, players just have to press shift and tab.

The feature has a surprising origin as it initially began as a joke between developers. However, the first-person camera quickly became popular within the studio, and they decided to polish it up into a proper feature. Finally next week players will get to see all of the work that Maxis has put into the first-person mode. Other updates include a ‘’style influencer’’ career path and terrain manipulation tools.

To see more of the first-person camera for The Sims 4, check out Maxis’ latest development stream.

The Sims 4 will receive a free first-person camera update on November 13. The popular title’s next expansion, called Get Famous, will launch on November 16.