Metro 2033 Creator Calls The Witcher Author An 'Ungrateful Schmuck'

Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky says that Andrzej Sapkowski is an ‘’old fool’’

Two of the most successful game series based upon fiction novels are The Witcher and 4A Games’ Metro line of first-person shooters. However, the two series have had very different results for the authors that created both of their worlds as The Witcher creator Andrzej Sapkowski famously sold the gaming rights to his series for less than $10,000. Meanwhile, the deal for Metro 2033 author Dmitry Glukhovsky has been quite profitable for all sides involved. Glukhovsky recently discussed the difference in their situations in an interview with Russian outlet DTF (the relevant part of the audio interview starts around 10:25).

Glukhovsky said that as a gamer himself he looks at Sapkowski as ‘’an old fool.’’ He went on to state that the Polish author ‘’f**ked up,’’ and that the reason for his $16 million lawsuit against developer CD Projekt RED is due to his ‘’wife [nagging] him about it in the evenings, and [then] he tries to roll it back.’’ He concluded that Sapkowski is ‘’an ungrateful schmuck’’ since he wouldn’t have his current Netflix deal without the success of the games.

Despite the harsh words, Glukhovsky does say that he feels bad for him. ‘’He is just an elderly man, he missed his chance, and well, what can you do?’’ asked the Russian author. ‘’I feel sorry for the man.’’ Glukhovsky concluded his thoughts by questioning the logic behind him going after CD Projekt RED legally. ‘’He should not be doing [the lawsuit] because Netflix can get scared and back out. Netflix does not like legal issues.’’

You can check out the complete 20+ minute interview below (although it is in Russian):