Lucius III Brings Scares to PC Later This Year

The final part of the devil child series will be released this year

Shiver Games' horror series is set to conclude, and is going back to its roots.

Since 2012, the Lucius series of horror games have allowed players to cause mayhem as a seemingly normal looking boy equipped with satanic powers. While 2015's Lucius II brought a more humorous take on the setup, the final chapter of the story will be going back to its roots. Lucius III, which is due out later this year, will see Lucius return to his childhood hometown of Winter Hill.

Watch the Lucius III announcement trailer to take a look at the spooky small town of Winter Hill:

Like past games, players will be able to use the character's telekenesis and magical abilities to wreak havoc on the residents of the town. The first trailer shows that there will also be more of an emphasis on story, as developer Shiver Games says it will feature ‘’some heartfelt moments of regret and sorrow.’’

According to its Steam page, Lucius III is priced at $19.99, and is set to release later this year exclusively on PC.