Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2 Detailed Guide on the Pandemonium

The stronger your demons, the stronger your team is. This guide will help you understand the functions of the Pandemonium where you can perform all necessary upgrades and customization on your demons

The Pandemonium can be found in your hideout and it has the most complicated functions of the game that you need to master. Not all functions are available early on, but you can unlock them by leveling up the Pandemonium once you achieved certain milestones.

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The Enhance function allows you to upgrade your demons by sacrificing other demons.

This is the first function you will unlock and when this happens, you will get notified that experience in quests is not enough and you will need to enhance your demons. That tip is very incorrect since the only time you should use the Enhance option is when you are using Swords to upgrade your demons.

Important: Do not use your demons as fodders for the Enhance option in the Pandemonium unless absolutely necessary.

Your unwanted demons are better used as fodders for evolving demons. Enhance will only give experience to demons and power-leveling is pretty much covered by acquiring a couple of Kanbari demons (see Advanced Tips and Tricks).

Sell Demons

This function will allow you to sell demons and earn macca. Demons with 3 stars and above will net Karma points.

Karma can be useful in certain situations if you want to re-summon 1* and 2* demons in the Compendium. However, you can also buy Karma in some shops and it is not worth to throw away 3* demons just for Karma.

The amount of macca you will earn by selling demons is also very small (about 150-300 macca per demon), so it is not worth it. This makes Sell Demons slightly better than Enhance, but using demons as fodders for evolving is still a better option.

Sell Demons only if absolutely necessary. It can be either if your storage is full and you want to make space or if you need to sell to complete a quest.


Awaken will allow you to unlock the special skill of a demon. You will need Aether to awaken your demons and the requirement varies depending on demon rarity.

Awakening is costly, so you must plan on which demons you will use your resources with. You can still farm for the awakening materials, so it will not be very difficult, but you will need to spend a lot of time.

You can acquire an awakening potion that will allow you to awaken a skill without using Aether. It is recommended that you use this only on demons you use in your main team.

Some demons have significant power spikes once they are awakened. For example, a Teal Ose will gain a Null Physical attack passive once awakened. Null physical attack is an extremely strong PVE skill making Teal Ose strong in almost any dungeon of the game.


Brands are the equipment in the game. There are 5 brand parts and 8 brand set types.

Brands are considered the next important thing you need to work on your demons after acquiring levels and at least 5 stars.

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How to acquire brands

Brands are common drops from the Aura Gate dungeon. They are also dedicated drops from the Brands of Sin dungeon (you can read about dungeons in our Beginner’s Guide). Higher levels of either dungeon can drop up to 6-star brands.

Brands can also be bought from the black market using macca. This can be useful early on if want strong 3* brands for your main team. Anything above 3* are very expensive, so it is not a recommended gamble.

How to equip and remove brands

Equipping brands is simply done by clicking on the brands section in the Pandemonium. Select the part you want (head, body, left arm, right arm, legs) and equip the brand you want.

Removing brands costs macca, but it can be reused for some other demons. Equipping a new brand without removing the existing one will destroy the replaced brand so you need to be careful on this.

Types of Brand Sets

  • Ward. Grants a barrier that prevents any status ailment at the start of every battle.
  • Divine. Increase MP regen by 1.
  • Sick. Increase ailment affliction chance by 20%
  • Spell. Increase Magic attack by 15%
  • War. Increase Physical attack by 15%
  • Speed. Increase battle speed by 15%
  • Life. Increase life by 25%
  • Guard. Increase physical defense by 20%
  • Shield. Increase magic defense by 20%

Tips and Tricks

  1. Aim to get +% Physical attack, +% Magic Attack, and +% HP as the main stat of your brands.
  2. Important: Only arms and legs brands can have +% Physical attack, +% Magic Attack main stat.
  3. The secondary stats in brands barely change when you upgrade it, so it is important that you focus on getting the primary stat you want.
  4. Brands with +% Physical/Magic attack sets are must-have for your attackers. For your supports, use the +% HP.
  5. Ward brands (auto barrier) are extremely useful is almost all modes of the game, so it is recommended to get this 2-set brand on all the demons in your main team.
  6. Speed and Ailment infliction brands are can be very useful for certain demons. Speed is needed for really fast demons if you want to hit the 20k battle speed benchmark and auto-farm higher levels in the Aura Gate. Ailment infliction brands are very useful if you have strong control demons.


The transfer function allows transfer of skills from one demon to another. It is also the place to acquire skills points and level up skills.

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Combine points

This is the option to acquire skill points. You can earn skills points in the following ways:

  • Sacrifice a copy of the same demon (1 point + base rarity skill points)
  • Any demon of the same rarity (1 point)
  • Yasaka magatama item (16 depending the magatama stars)
  • Demon soul obtained from Aura Gate (1 point)

Skill points are very valuable so you need to plan on how to use your resources on your best demons.

Transfer skills

This function will allow a demon to learn ‘‘transferrable’’ skills from other demons. You will only have 2 slots to transfer skills, but they can be replaced anytime.

It is also important to note that if you transfer a skill from a demon, you need to sacrifice that demon in the process.

This function is very important since equipping demons with the right skills can increase the power of a demon significantly. For example, a demon with a weakness to a certain element can be improved by acquiring a resistance skill. Some very strong demons have 1 weakness and can be effectively solved by transferring skills.

Upgrade skills

Upgrading will increase the level of a particular skill. The next level effect will be described in the skill details. You will also need to sacrifice demons to upgrade skills, so make sure to have those fodders handy.


Evolve increases your demon rarity or simply increase the number of stars.

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Evolve demons using demons of the same rarity or use yata mirror item (left). An evolved Feng Huang, which is originally 3 stars (mid), and a 5-star Ose, which was originally 3 stars (right).

How to evolve a demon

  • Demon must reach max level. Note that max levels depends on the number of stars so once the level indicator becomes teal, it means that the demon has reached max level.
  • Select the demon in the Evolve function in the pandemonium.
  • Select yata mirrors or demon fodders on the same rarity. The number of materials needed is equal to the current number of stars the demon has.
  • Demon level goes back to 1 after evolution, but the maximum level has been increased by 5.

Evolving is probably the most important function in the Pandemonium because your ultimate aim is to make your demons have 6 stars. Upgrading from 5 stars to 6 stars is very expensive, so you should aim to make everyone in your main team have 5 stars first before aiming for 6.

Evolving is a very powerful feature in the game as it allows demons on lower rarity to be upgraded and be at par with powerful demons are available only by summoning.

Thank you for reading this guide and we hope this will help you fully-understand the functions of the Pandemonium which is aimed to upgrade and customize your demons.

Ian Leo Bertoldo