Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2 Advanced Tips and Tricks

Advanced hints that explain what skill names actually mean, how to assemble the best team, why you should reset the game, which demons are best for certain dungeons and tips on brands and leveling

Once you acquired enough experience on the game you will start to aim to have a deeper understanding of the game mechanics. This guide will help you accelerate your progress to set up your best end-game team that can dominate on all different dungeons.

If you are still unfamiliar with some terms used in this guide, you can check on the Beginner’s Guide to understand the basic game concepts.

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Resetting the game

Once you found out that your best demons are not really up to par with the best demons in the game, it is not yet too late to start working on the high tier demons. However, you may have spent lots of your resources on your best teams and you might find that they are much harder to acquire in the end game.

Resetting the game will allow you to try your luck on getting a good starter demon that is at least 5 stars. It will also help you save your resources like gems to buy only the most important things needed for the endgame.

Steps on rerolling the game:

  1. Clear the game data.
  2. Perform the tutorial until the summoning demo.
  3. Pray for luck on getting a good 4* or 5* hero.
  4. If you are unhappy with what you get, go back to step 1.

Please note that a 5* demon is very hard to acquire because it has a very low chance rate (0.5%). Don’t push yourself too hard in getting this.

Gacha rate: 5* = 0.5%, 4* = 5%, 3* = 94.5%.

Setting Priorities

There is no single pattern on how to perform the tasks in the game. However, there are recommended tasks in the game that you can perform first to help you make your progress in the game easier.

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Complete training missions

These missions can be found in the upper right part of the homepage. They give very good rewards and items. These missions are often harder to complete but it is best to focus on completing these missions first.


Like any other RPG game, level is the most important thing. Here is a quick tip on how to optimize getting levels in the game.

  • Farm levels in the Leveling Quests. Aim to be able to handle Chapter 1 Leveling Quests on Hell difficulty as soon as possible.
  • Always use the Main Character as the first liberator. It has a skill that can give up to +35% experience bonus.
  • Use the increase experience card. You will get a lot early on and you can buy them in some shops. It lasts for 12 hours so you can plan out your AFK level grinding in advance.
  • Use the Kanbari demon on each of the 2 leveling teams. Each demon gives +20% experience bonus.

How to acquire the Kanbari demon?

Kanbari can be acquired through Multi-fusion. The demon components are easy to acquire early on. Once you have summoned a Kanbari, resummon it in the Compendium using Karma to get the second one.

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Kanbari demon (left), option to summon Kanbari in Multi-Fusion (mid), and option to re-summon Kanbari in the Compendium using 20 karma (right).

Acquiring Gems and MAGs

If you are an F2P player, aim to get all possible avenues to earn gems but spend them only on the following things:

  1. Increase the demon storage total.
  2. Buy MAGs packages from the store.

Yes, you read that right. Do not spend your gems on summoning demons (a few gambles wouldn’t hurt). Save them to buy MAGs, a resource that seems to be useless early on. You will need a whole lot of MAGs for getting 6* evolutions, so buy those packs early because they are only available for a limited amount of time.

Some people also recommend buying the 6 summons or the 10 summons + 1 4* demon pack. This will be up to you if you want to gamble.

Collecting Demons

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Megakin has Charisma and Sweet Talker skills that are good for luring demons (left). Demon storage (mid), an option to buy extra storage slots using gems (right).

  • Megakin is the best liberator to use if you want to farm for fodders. His Charisma and Sweet Talker skills increase the chances of getting demons significantly.
  • Do not use the Enhance and Sell Demons options unless absolutely necessary. Unwanted demons are best used as fodders in evolving your main team and higher star fodders.
  • Most demons will not be good enough to get a spot in your team, however, their transferable skills might be useful.
  • Use your gems to increase the number of demons you can hold. You can only upgrade the storage to a maximum of 300.

Recommended demons to acquire for their specific use

There are some demons that are not good enough for your end-game team but are recommended to have for their usefulness in some modes in the game. Kanbari is already mentioned above but here are some of the others:

  • Hare of Inaba. This will make your party immune to Dark Zone tiles in the Aura Gate
  • Purple Zouchouten (awakened). This will make your party immune to damage tiles in the Aura Gate
  • Purple Fenrir (awakened). Speedster + Auto-Takukaja. Needed if you to reach battle speed benchmarks in Aura Gate.
  • Horus. This demon is a decent healer early on and one of the easiest to make and evolve. It can be useful as fodder once you acquired better healers.
  • Teal Ose (awakened). His null physical attack passive is bad news for the game AI.
  • Teal Feng Huang. A recommended healer that is easy to acquire. He is strong enough to still be useful in most end-game teams.

Team Composition

An ideal team should be composed of the following demon types:

  • Support/Healer. A healer is a must for every team. Supports can also be buffers or debuffers with heal skills.
  • Physical Attacker. An attacker with strong physical attack skills to maximize bonus physical attacks on brands.
  • Magic Attacker. An attacker with strong magic attack skills to maximize bonus magic attacks on brands.
  • Controller. Is demon that can inflict status that will disable some form of enemy attacks like charm and bind. Is an optional member early in the game but becomes extremely useful once you get good controllers with +20% ailment infliction brands.

Tips on Brands

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View all brands you have (left), equip and un-equip brands on specific demons (mid), Brands of Sin dungeon is the best place to acquire brands (right).

The best places to acquire brands are from the higher difficulty Brands of Sin dungeon and Aura Gate floors above 40.

  • Aim to get +% Physical attack, +% Magic Attack, and +% HP as the main stat of your brands.
  • Important: Only arms and legs brands can have +% Physical attack, +% Magic Attack main stat.
  • The secondary stats in brands barely change when you upgrade it so it is important that you focus on getting the primary stat you want.
  • Brands with +% Physical/Magic attack sets are must-have for your attackers. For your supports, use the +% HP.
  • Ward brands (auto barrier) are extremely useful in almost all modes of the game, so it is recommended to get this 2-set brand on all the demons in your main team.
  • Speed and Ailment infliction brands are can be very useful for certain demons. Speed is needed for really fast demons if want to hit the 20k battle speed benchmark and auto-farm higher levels in the Aura Gate. Ailment infliction brands are very useful if you have strong control demons.

How to interpret the skill names

A great portion of the skill names appears to be untranslated Japanese words. While the skills descriptions are very easy to understand, some skills mentioned other skills without explanation. For example, Feng Huang’s Auto-Tarunda passive skill only states that it will cast Tarunda at the beginning of the first turn.

This is very confusing if you don’t know what the Tarunda skill is. But don’t worry because there is a pattern.


  • Taru = Attack
  • Suku = Agility / Speed
  • Raku = Defense
  • Maka = Magic
  • De = (Remove)


  • Kaja = positive / buff
  • Unda = negative / debuff

Based on the reference above, Tarunda means an attack debuff, so it reduces the enemy team attack by a certain percentage at the beginning of the first turn. Dekaja means remove positive buffs and dekunda means remove negative buffs.

Thank you for reading this Tips and Tricks. Hope you find this helpful and if you have questions or additional tips and tricks for the game, add them in the comments below.

Ian Leo Bertoldo